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About EBID: Recommended Reading from the General Manager

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Elephant Butte Irrigation District Website! As the largest supplier of surface water in New Mexico, we are committed to serving over 8000 constituents in Southern New Mexico with the river's lifeblood. More than 90,000 acres of prime water righted acres are serviced by the District's network of diversion dams, canals, laterals and drains. The Rio Grande for centuries has served the irrigation farming families in the Rincon and Mesilla Valleys, and it is our fiduciary obligation to continue this historic and traditional agricultural practice in the years to come.

Our mission and goals are centered around our ability to protect the surface water delivery within the District which contributes tremendously to the recharge of the River Alluvium and Santa Fe Formation in the Lower Rio Grande.

Each owner of water righted land of the District is entitled to water the acreage listed in their contract based on available Project water supply.

State statutes provide for the equitable distribution of Project water to all of its water users and generally govern how the District operates and manages the water it distributes to its water users.

The District will defend the right of its water users to have delivered and use all of the Project water supply that the 90,640 acres of water righted land within the District is entitled to use. Additionally, the District will defend any and all attempts by federal or state agencies to obtain or use the District’s share of Project water for purposes that do not benefit its water users.

Given the dynamic institutional context within which water allocation issues are currently determined, it would appear that maintenance of the status quo with respect to allocation of water by the District is unlikely. The District is a management entity whose current policy has been directed solely toward agriculture. However, in looking to the future, it appears to be appropriate to consider the District as a water management entity which must address water management within broader parameters than those currently perceived to be relevant. The District’s management goals will involve future deliveries of water to residential, commercial, and industrial uses as well as the traditional agricultural uses, and continual efforts toward maintaining a healthy river ecosystem that also includes protecting the valley from flood events.

We hope the information provided here will give you a brief but thorough picture of our operations, water supply resources, current ongoing projects, water conservation efforts and pertinent financial and statistical data.

I can also recommend two excellent sources of information about the EBID for those who wish to learn about the District in greater detail:

  • Leeann DeMouche of the New Mexico State University College of Agrigulture and Home Economics has prepared this extremely informative booklet about our organization and operations: "Interpreting the Elephant Butte Irrigation District for Water Users". Even experienced farmers might learn a few things about EBID in this booklet, and for a new grower to the area, or anyone interested in New Mexico water issues, it's an absolutely must read.  You can download the booklet by pressing this link. 
  • Prepared in-house by District Engineer Henry Magallanez in cooperation with other EBID Staff Members, the booklet "Introduction to EBID" is equally informative.  This is a large publication, so we have split it into three parts to facilitate rapid download from the Internet:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read any of these documents.  If you need to download this software first, just click here for the latest version.

W e believe the District is well positioned to serve our constituents as well as looking forward to serving Southern New Mexico communities in the future with a surface water alternative for municipal water supply. We are always interested in customer feedback. Please contact with any questions of comments.

Gary Esslinger

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