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RTU Inventory

You may use the Map link to be brought directly to that site location on the WRIS GIS map page.

You may click on the Site Data link to go to the interactive page for that site where you may get more site information such as latitude and longitude, view the latest polls for each of site's sensors, or specify a custom date range to view or download data in a CSV file.
Sorted by Type + Site Name Ascending
 Site Name
106_000467_00_DB 1A - Trujillo Lateral - Downstream Unit 1A Turnout 32.849060 -107.309920 Map Site Data
112_006890_00_DB 1A - Palmer Lateral - WW 4 1A Turnout 32.739210 -107.278450 Map Site Data
119_003387_00_DB 1A - Vega Lateral - WW 3B 1A Turnout 32.787230 -107.298840 Map Site Data
206_002711_00_DB 2A - Barrio Lateral - WW 4 2A Turnout 32.380200 -106.820870 Map Site Data
211_000688_01_TO 2A - Kelso Lateral - 06+88 2A Turnout 32.364681 -106.809387 Map Site Data
211_001780_02_TO 2A - Kelso Lateral - 17+80 2A Turnout 32.362320 -106.807289 Map Site Data
253_005442_00_DB 2B - Elwood Lateral - WW 7A 2B Turnout 32.350040 -106.808270 Map Site Data
307_000000_00_HD 3A - Porter Lateral / Burn Lake 3A Turnout 32.301309 106.790946 Map Site Data
403_000000_01_HD 4A - Bannock Lateral Downstream Unit 4A Turnout Map Site Data
605_000000_01_HD 6A - Crawford Lateral Downstream Unit 6A Turnout Map Site Data
607_000460_00_DB 6A - O-Shea Lateral - 04+60 6A Turnout 31.979191 -106.655006 Map Site Data
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