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Welcome to the EBID Water Resource Information System (WRIS)

Elephant Butte Irrigation District

The Radio Telemetry Units (RTUs) of the Elephant Butte Irrigation District are constantly monitoring our Rio Grande River Stations, headings, checks, farm turnouts, and irrigation wells. Our Water Resource Information System (WRIS) Data Center is designed to bring transparency to our radio telemetry program.

The WRIS Data Center is open to our farmers who might wish to view information about their turnouts or irrigation pumps, to water managers in other water districts, to various government entities in the State of New Mexico, to the general public, and to interested hydrologists worldwide. Only a very few of our sites are restricted from the public, and, if you have a valid need to view even a restricted site you may email the Hydrology Department and request access.

If you are a new visitor, you might wish to take a minute and review the information below so that you will understand how the site is organized.

  • The RTU Inventory page lists all active RTU sites by name. Use it when you are interested in a specific RTU site. You will find links that take you to the Site Interactive Data page where you may interactively view that site's data.

  • The Interactive Site Data pages contain some very useful information about the selected RTU. Here you will find the latest polls for all of that site's sensors, RTU info such as latitude and longitude, and interactive tools which allow you to access site data for the date range and sensor you specify. You may then download that information in .csv format straight to your hard drive for further analysis.

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