EBID Canals & Drains Map
EBID Search
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Use EBID Search to locate Head Gates, Check Gates, Turnouts, Canals, Laterals, Drains, and Wasteways.

To locate Head Gates, Check Gates, and Turnouts enter the full Station ID (including dashes) or enter part of the ID.

Example: if you enter 512-021566-02-TO you will only find one turnout; however, it you enter 507-001 you may get up to 4 items along the SAN MIGUEL LATERAL.

To locate Canals, Laterals, Wasteways, and Drains enter the full name or part of the name.

Example: if you enter SAN MIGUEL LATERAL you will get all of the sections for the lateral. If you enter Mesilla you will get Mesilla Lateral WW 11, Mesilla Drain, Mesilla Dam Spur Drain, and Mesilla Lateral.

NOTE: You may need to zoom out to see all the items.

NOTE: When using Internet Explorer: after you click the "Find Item" button click the "X" or click (tap) outside this window to close it!