Irrigation Season

Final Water Order Reminder – EBID

Karen Ray
June 10, 2021

Elephant Butte Irrigation District is reaching the end of another irrigation season. The EBID Board of Directors has set a final order date for the Mesilla Valley. At the District’s regularly scheduled board of directors meeting on June 9th, the Board approved a final water order date of Friday, June 18th. Farmers will have until close of business at 4:30 pm to place their orders and can place them either online through the Farmer Services tab on the website at or by calling the Water Records Office at 575-524-8003. EBID”s hours are Monday - Friday 7:30 to 4:30.

The District expects demand to be very high for the end of the season water orders. Do not wait – Use it or Lose it! Be ready to pick up water when you are notified and be ready to water at any time it is scheduled, day or night, weekend, or holiday.

In light of the short water year James Narvaez, EBID’s Water Master, emphasized that they must run farm deliveries “fast and furious” in order to deliver water to farmers efficiently while reducing seepage and evaporation.

The end of season date is JUNE 30, 2021. Final water deliveries must be made by JUNE 30, 2021. The system will be out of water as of that date. EBID advises farmers not to purchase extra water unless they are certain they can use it by the end of season deadlines. Water balances are not carried over to the next season and water left in accounts unused provides no benefit.

Narvaez reported that the flat rate irrigation weekend June 5-6 was completed well in spite of typical start-up situations primarily caused by gopher holes. The District is now settling into a concentrated time of farm deliveries.

Engineering consultant Dr. Phil King reported on the state of the water storage and current precipitation data. “The snowpack is done, and the river decline is underway. Drying reaches upstream of Elephant Butte will develop soon,” he said. Additional allotment remains highly unlikely and he emphasized with Narvaez that “Releasing, diverting, and delivering high flow rates will maximize our surface water usage. This season cannot be dragged out.”

Farms can refer to their Water Growers Information Sheet for instructions on how to order water. Feel free to contact EBID at with any questions.