EBID Irrigation Well Meter

Development of the EBID Meter

In 2006, the EBID SCADA Systems Department developed and implemented an alternative to the typical mechanical well meters. Our main objectives were to create a meter that was capable of reporting real-time data, calculating multiple flow readings, tracking acre feet pumped per irrigation, and totalizing acre feet over time. 

Initially we focused on irrigation wells that were permitted to pump into EBID facilities to ensure the “pump-in” flow amount was equivalent to the diverted “take-out” flow amount through turnouts. As our meter benefits became known to farmers, we expanded our meter program to include wells that did not fall within our pump-in permit requirements. 

Accurate surface water and groundwater accounting is critical to our overall success, especially in times of decreased water allotment due to persistent drought. Our goal is to provide farmers with an accurate and reliable meter capable of providing real-time data, which we make available online to the well owner. We also maintain and service all issues associated with the meter as part of our commitment to deliver a quality product. 

Why Purchase an EBID Meter?
EBID Flow Meter Application PDF
You can download a PDF version of our application and bring it in to EBID. Please submit the application to the SCADA Systems or Engineering department. For your convenience, you can also fill out our digital application below. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to contact you. Thank you.