EBID Special Use Permits


"Elephant Butte Irrigation District ("EBID") is a political subdivision of the State of New Mexico. EBID is formed under the statutes entitled "Irrigation Districts Cooperating with the United States under Reclamation Laws" found at NMSA 1978 Sec. 73-10-1, et seq., and 73-11-1, et seq."

Listed below is the table of contents for the EBID Board Policy Book. The Board of Directors began reviewing and, where needed, updating each policy in May 2011. As each policy is approved, it will be available for review on this website by clicking on the link below.

If you need to examine a policy that is not available on this website, please call (575) 526-6671 ext 402.

Board of Directors Approved Policies

Engineering Policies

1981-ENG2: Flume Installation and Repair
1984-ENG3: Installation of Box Culverts and Free Flowing Bridges
1985-ENG4: Crossings--Canals, Laterals & Drains for Individual & Public Use
1985-ENG5: Right-of-Way Encroachment and Ill-Defined Rights-of-Way
1988-ENG6: Installation of Gate Right-of-Way
1989-ENG7: Issuing License and Permits
1989-ENG8: Approval for Subdivision Developments
1997-ENG10: Relinquishment of EBID Property Interest
1989-ENG11: Policy Governing Protection of EBID Easements and Property Interests
2003-ENG12: Classification of Land within EBID
2005-ENG13: Stacking of Project Water Rights within EBID
2013-ENG14: Use of Project Water for Native Vegetation Habitat Restoration Sites in EBID

General Administrative Policies

1986-GA1: Benefits of Board of Directors During Term of Office
1986-GA2: Executive Committee Meetings Notification
1991-GA5: Protest Policy
2000-GA6: Political Candidates and Advertising on District Rights-of-Way
2003-GA8: Special Water User Association
2012-GA9: Lien Procedure for Delinquent Farm Accounts

Groundwater Policies

Maintenance Policies

Operations Policies

2004-OP1: Damages from Conveyance System Breaks and Runovers
1981-OP2: Establishing Tentative Date for Annual Irrigation Season
1981-OP3: Drain Wash-Ins
1983-OP4: Unauthorized Taking of Irrigation Water
1984-OP5: Ditchbreak Resolution
1988-OP6: Installation of Permanent Lift Pump
1987-OP7: Seepage Resolution
1992-OP7: Combining Tracts of Land in Water Records for the Purpose of Watering
1989-OP8: Prevention of Water Theft or Waste
1993-OP9: Temporary Flat Rate Transfer of Conserved Water from Farm Rate Accounts
2003-OP10: Requirements for Pumping Water from Private Well and Conveyance Through District Facilities
2004-OP11: Operation and Maintenance Responsibilities for Private Ditches and Acequias within EBID
2008-OP12: Spill Water Use for Irrigation Purposes
2015-OP13: Depletion Reduction and Offset Program

Additional Assistance

The Engineering Department can assist you with Land Records, Classification of Surface Water Rights, Changes in Property Ownership, Water Right Transfers, and Special Use Permits. For assistance regarding any of these matters, please call (575) 526-6671 Option #4.

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