EBID Board of Directors

The EBID Board of Directors meets monthly. Board meetings are generally scheduled on the second Wednesday of each month beginning at 9:00 AM unless the meeting would conflict with another event. Occasionally, special board meetings are conducted to transact important business that cannot wait until the next regular meeting. If you need additional information on Board meetings or to confirm dates, please click one of the buttons below.


Duane Gillis

Precinct 1

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Joe Paul Lack

Precinct 2

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Steve Lyles

Precinct 3

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Greg Daviet

President - Precinct 4

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Frank salopek

Secretary - Precinct 5

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Tracy Esslinger

Precinct 6

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james salopek

Precinct 7

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sam calhoun

Precinct 8

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salvador nunez

Precinct 9

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Board Records Request

Previous Board records are archived and available through our Records Request page. Click on the button below to visit our Records Request page to fill out the electronic form. After reviewing your request, EBID will contact you. Thank you.

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